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All Melbourne Horizontal Boring can alleviate the cost and time of having your residence or business out of action when you are installing a new service or replacing a broken pipe, by boring under your existing surface or structure instead of digging or breaking it up. 

This means minimal disruption to ground surfaces, minimal disruption to traffic and minimal reinstatement costs.

All Melbourne Horizontal Boring provides Excellent Service, Experience and the correct machine for the application at hand.

  • Smaller drilling machines (see diagram sketch) ideal for installation of services: water electrical, gas, irrigation, remote gates, garden lighting, communication conduits etc.... 
  • Bed bore machines or directional drilling machines, are used for longer bores or larger diameter bores with sizes ranging from 100mm diameter to 350mm diameter.

Air Impact Moles (Grundomat)

From 50mm Diameter to 100mm diameter

Require  - Minimum Access (from 1 Metre)

Uses No Water Equals No Mess

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